Timer Box 2x600W

Growlush timers for heavy duty loads. 2 outlets.
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$ 99.90

Growlush understands that safe and reliable grow lighting control is an essential factor when it comes to indoor gardening. All gardeners require the peace of mind that their HPS/HID grow lights are switched on and off at the correct intervals and that this is achieved with a safe and reliable heavy duty contactor.

Any indoor gardener should be using lighting contactors to control their indoor HPS/HID grow lights, as standard interval timers just aren’t up to the challenge. These lighting contactors by-pass the electrical load away from the built in timer, this allows for efficient control of the amount of time your lights are on and off for.

  • Professional 24hr, 48 segment timer, interval is 15 minutes
  • Universal wall hanging bracket.
  • Sturdy and robust powder coated case
  • Supplied with 1.2 meter heavy duty mains leads.

These convenient units are available in 4 sizes with the largest controlling up to 8x 600w lights, using only 2 wall sockets! We currently ranged 2 and 4 outlets, but can get 6 and 8 outlets if required. Enquiries welcome.


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