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Hydroponic Xpress and Aquaponics WA is Perth's largest hydroponic shop and aquaponic warehouse and display centre and we are EXPANDING! We have qualified and knowledgeable staff to answer all of your hydroponic and aquaponic questions. Visit us for hydroponic express service. We have thousands of items in stock and carry the largest range of Aeroponics, Aquaculture turbo tank hydroponics, Hydroponic Systems, Hydroponic Kits, Hydroponic Lights, Pumps, Air Pumps, Air Stones, Filters, Nutrients, Additives, Grow Rooms, Grow Tents, Fans, Filters, Pots, Growing Media, plus we can mix and match custom hydroponic and aquaponics kits to suit you.

For all your Aquaponics & Hydroponic Supplies in Perth

We strive to bring you deals on leading products and brands such as Ag-Grow, Advanced Nutrients, Air Pump, Air Stone, AquaPro, Aquasprouts, B-Clear, BlueLab, Bio Bizz, Canna, Canna Coco, Can Fan, Can Filter, Clone Kit, Coco Peat, Cool Tube, Cyco, Dutch Master, EC meter, Expanded Clay, Eutech, Hipar Ballast, House & Garden, HPS Light Kit, GE LucaGrow, Growth Technology, Kroplite, LED Grow Light, Liaflor, Lumatek, Magical Butter, Mills pays the Bills, Nutrifield, Nutrient Additives, pH Meter, PPM meter, Perlite, PondMax, Propagation Kits, Rockwool, Reverse Osmosis, Son-T Agro, Solar Systems, Son-T Plus, Splosht, Ultra Mask, Urine Detox, Vegepods, Vertical Wall Garden, Water Test Kit, Water Heaters, Vermiculite and many more...

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