Green Planet Plant Guard 1L

Plant Guard is a potassium silicate supplement, which may increase the rigidity of your plant’s cell walls. Use Plant Guard when your plant is subjected to changing environments and stress.
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Plant Guard

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Potassium silicate supplement to build plant defences

What it is

Plant Guard is our potassium silicate supplement used in the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Silicate increases the rigidity of your plant’s cell walls to support a heavier harvest and increase resistance to environmental stress.


  • Soluble Potash (K2O).3.0%
  • Derived from: Potassium Silicate.
  • 0.05% Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) derived from Potassium Silicate

How to Use It?

  • 0.5 ml/litre throughout the growth stage
  • 0.5 ml/litre for the bloom stage

Add 0.5 ml/L (2 ml/Gal) each time you fertilize in conjunction with your regular feeding schedule. Discontinue 2 weeks before harvest. Dilute Plant Guard separately before mixing with other nutrients.

How it works

Plant Guard is a source of liquid potassium silicate that promotes plant health and development during all stages of growth.

Potassium silicate is a vital element that plants use at the cellular level to build up natural plant defences through cell wall development. Silicate strengthens cell walls for robust stalks and branches that can support heavy fruits produced in the flowering stage. This also means more water and nutrients can be easily transported throughout the plant to promote faster and healthier growth. Rigid cellular development from silicate will increase the plant’s ability to withstand environmental stresses that can come as a result of high and low temperatures. As the plant uses silica to build up cells, it becomes harder for pathogens such as rust and powdery mildew to enter and damage the plant. Unused silica accumulates in the outer layer (epidermis) of cell walls to prevent damage caused by pests. Plant Guard ensures that plants grown hydroponically get the optimal amount of potassium silicate to properly build up natural defences.

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