Fluorescent 75W Globe + Max Light Shade Kit

Get maximum results from your clones and seedlings with this Cultiv8 75W 6500K flourescent globe and light weight aluminium reflector shade.
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$ 99.80

Max Light Reflector Shade

  • Small enclosed hammer-tone reflector
  • Very light weight and ideal for use in small environments and larger propagation situations 
  • Comes fully wired with lead and lamp holder. (flat earth pin so you can plug directly into wall socket) 
  • Extremely bright, designed to direct maximum light downwards 
  • Designed for use with all High Output Compact Fluoros
  • Size 340 x 290mm

Peel off the blue protective film before using.

75W 6500K Flourescent Globe

  • No ballast required
  • Uses less power than similar models on the market, but still manages to outshine them
  • Special coil design to concentrate light output
  • Very high lumen per watt ratio (66 lumens per watt)
  • Reaches optimum light output in less than three minutes
  • Wattage and lumen output remains constant during operation
  • 6500k
  • 75 watt


The screw in lamp base (E40) is the same as used for many HID lamps. This makes finding a suitable reflector and lead easier. But remember - this lamp doesn't need a ballast and is plugged directly into a 240 volt wall socket, so the lead needs to have a flat earth pin.  

Used with the Max-Lite CFL Reflector, which has been specially designed (with a flat earth pin plug) for these lamps. You can simply screw the lamp into the reflector and plug into a 240 volt power socket. No extra leads, ballasts, or adapters required.