Ezi Garden Standard

The name says it all, no weeding, no bending and no digging. Two troughs of expanded clay allows the home hobbyist flexibility to grow almost any top crop.
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Durable enough to withstand the harshest of UV treatment for years. Imagine growing tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, capsicums, herbs and more, at the same time in this creative system.

Contains aluminium stand, 2 x 1.8m x 0.2m x 0.1m UV stabliised panda flute troughs/weld mesh, 19mm tub outlet and screen, 1x 50L Liaflor German expanded clay, reservoir tank, submersible pump, feed/drainage lines and nutrient.

See video below from Earnest Fernandez setting up a grow tray with expanded clay (product for illustration purposes only).

How can these little brown balls replace soil, or a peat-based potting mix? What sort of irrigation strategies work and why? We explain how to get the most out of hydroton (aka expanded clay pebbles / balls) in hydroponics.

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