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Coco peat is made from coconut husks. Raw coconuts are washed, heat-treated, screened and graded before being processed into coco peat products of various granularity and denseness. For plant growth, seedlings, propagation, worm farms and mushroom casing.
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Coco Peat is made from coconut husks, is a 100% organic growing medium and a multi-purpose soil conditioner. Raw coconuts are washed, heat treated to remove salts, screened and graded before being packaged. Coco Peat is excellent for plant growing, seedlings and propagation. It can store and release nutrients to plants over time. For optimal results mix a 10-20% amount by volume of hydroponic grade perlite to enhance drainage. Can be mixed with soil for improved water retention. Works best with hand watering or non-recycling hydroponic systems. Use with Ag-Grow Grow or Bloom for superior results.


Aquaponics WA Coco Peat 25L has an EC of <0.2 meaning it's virtually salt free and completely safe for your worms and worm farm. Simply apply a few handfuls whenever you add food scraps. Your worms and worm farm will love you for it.

Aquaponics WA Coco Peat 25L is fantastic to use with lawn seed and ideal to use with buffalo lawns. Mix coco peat with lawn seed and it grows thick beautiful grass anywhere. Ideal for dry, sunny or dense shade areas and perfect for high traffic areas. 

Aquaponics WA Coco Peat 25L is an excellent grow media to use for mushroom casing over the cold winter months of June, July and August. It can be mixed with compost or used without. Consider mixing a little black peat or compost for superior results.