Clone Propagator Kit #3

The ultimate clone propagator kit. Just add clones or seeds!
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$ 461.40
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In this kit you'll get:

  • An easy to assemble Large Clone Tent (850x500x800mm)
  • 4 x 55W fluoro propagator
  • Heat mat (644x350mm)
  • Thermostat for Heat Mat
  • GT clonex 50mL
  • Disposable Scalpel
  • 2 x seed kit clear lids, 2 x seed kit base and 2 x  seed kit drain trays and cultilene cubes

This kit represents fantastic value for the serious grower.

Seed Kits
Grow you own seeds or make your own clones from existing cuttings with this kit. Just add Cultilene cubes.

Seahawk Heat Mat
Double insulated- C-Tick certified , heat dispersion plugs included