Canna Vega A+B 1 Litre Set

Use Canna Vega A & B during the first stages of plant growth - the vegetative phase. It ensures a powerful healthy plant with large green vigorous shoots. It accelerates the generation of lush early growth on cuttings, seedlings and transplants.
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Brand: Canna
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CANNA Classic has an awesome reputation among countless growers worldwide. Use for plants grown in all inert hydroponic mediums and systems, recirculating or non-recirculating.

The CANNA Classic nutrient line, made distinctive by the colour green, was developed for so called inert mediums. These mediums do not provide the plant with nutrients, nor do they take them away from the plant. As a consequence, all of the necessary nutrients must be added to the irrigation water. The fertilisers in the CANNA Classic line are particularly suitable for plants growing in rockwool, glass wool, perlite, clay pebbles and other similar mediums.

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