Bloom Ultra 1 Litre

Promotes early flower development through various natural plant extracts
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  • Will trigger plants into flower – the method is to apply ‘bloom ULTRA’ while increasing the first dark period to 36 hours
  • Will change the plant from ‘grow’ to ‘flower’ within 3 days – a plants life cycle is to produce flowers and then seeds, by extending the first dark period you will encourage the production of phytochromes so when you return to 12 hour light periods together with the application of ‘bloom ULTRA’ the plant will change to flower within 3 days
  • Plant height will be shortened due to the change to flower in a short period
  • Flowers will only be female flowers
  • Can be used as a remedy if plants are stressed and are changing to hermaphrodite or male flowers – a high application of ‘bloom ULTRA’ will stop this from happening
  • In the ‘bloom Advanced Floriculture’ system you do not need to reduce your fertilizer application to use this product
  • Can be used in any growing method, growing medium, indoors and outdoors – simply consult the relevant feed schedule for application rates to suit your system (or develop your own method)


Various natural plant extracts, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids.



  • Recirculating                0.5mls per litre
  • Soil                             0.5mls per litre
  • Run to waste              1ml per litre
  • Organic                      0.5-1mls per litre


  • Recirculating:           300ml = 600L           1L = 2000L   2.5L = 5000L
  • Soil:                        300ml = 600L           1L = 2000L   2.5L = 5000L
  • Run to waste:           300ml = 300L           1L = 1000L   2.5L = 2.500L
  • Organic                   300ml = 600L           1L = 2000L   2.5L = 5000L