Bio Diesel Bloom Booster 5L

A powerful natural bloom stimulant designed to enhance essential oil-production and overall bud and flower size.
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Brand: Bio Diesel
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Bio Diesel puts the Biology back into hydroponics for incredible organic quality and sweeter flavour.

Based on a specialised form of Desert Bat Guano, Bio Diesel is loaded with organic phosphorus, complex sugars, Amino Acids, Natural Plant growth regulators, Carbohydrates and Polyflavonoids to produce amazing yields, flavour and aroma in fruiting and flowering plants.

Organic Phosphorous creates large more developed blooms (bigger buds) throughout the entire plant.

Complex sugars, B Vitamins and relive stress on the flowering plant and creates large increases in resin and potency. Aroma and taste is also greatly improved in the final product.

  • High Quality and heavy oil yields!
  • Enhances essential oil production, taste and flavour
  • Heavier Flower sets with increased size and quality
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Natural forms of phosphorous, Sugars and Amino acids
  • Contains fast acting Fulvic acid for uptake and nutrient transportation
  • Complex sugars deliver Carbs by the truckload!
  • Creates more Biology and promotes beneficial microbe populations

Bio Diesel is compatible with all known bloom enhancers including products high in potassium. pH changes by a 0.1 decrease and the total E.C values only rises by 0.1 E.C.


How much nutrient solution and how many times per day do you recommend feeding a Coco Fiber ‘run to waste’ hydroponic system?


Feed times and volumes are reliant on the stage of growth, pot size, growing environment and system.  As a starting point, It is beneficial to deliver smaller feeds more often during 'lights on' times only. Once the plants are established and growing. Start with 2 feeds a day and increase to 4 feeds in bloom (ie. every 3 hrs in bloom during lights on) Different varieties and growing conditions affect water consumption, but in general aim to deliver at least 2L per day for 20 Litre pots and 5L per day for larger 50L pots.  Monitor nutrient runoff against the fresh nutrient tank solution to determine the Coco fibres pH and EC values.


Is Bio Diesel compatible with other PK additives and growing programs?


We have tested ALL the major hydroponic growing programs (Canna, H&G, GH, etc.) and Bio Diesel is compatible with every product tested to date. Bio Diesel DOES NOT contain high analysis Potassium salts so is compatible with other PK boosters. Fulvic and Humic Acid act as organic chelators rather than EDTA that forces nutrients into the plant. This allows all Bio Diesel Products to work in synergy with your current program and the plants natural uptake.



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