Bio Diesel Aloevate 1L

A 100% Natural plant health tonic that contains hundreds of vitamins and enzymes.
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Brand: Bio Diesel
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Made from a specialized blend of desert plant extracts, it contains 100% natural salicylic acid (Silica) and enzymes to enhance microlife,
protect your root zone and break down any dead roots or unused mineral salts.
Aloevate will improve your plant's size, vitality and overall growth rates while protecting it from disease.
Plants become stronger with thicker cell walls with a higher water holding capacity.

  • Thicker wall cells for increased weight and yield
  • Enhanced disease resistance, plant vitality and vigour
  • Feeds beneficial microbes and breaks down dead roots and unused minerals
  • Foliar spray to activate SAR response
  • Acts as a natural wetting agent with low pH and stabilises rising solutions
  • Adds silica (salicyc acid) for stronger cells and mold resistance


I grow in soil how often should I feed with Aloevate, Marine and Bio Diesel?


Soil mixes greatly vary so it is always best to watch your plants closely for signs of when to feed, and really depends on the nutrient density and living biology of your soil. As a guide you should only use Marine once per week through the roots or Foliar spray. Aloevate should be fed as often as possible through both the Grow and Bloom stages. It will enhance your soils micro-life and acts as a natural wetting and chelating agent making nutrients more available. In Bloom, Bio Diesel Bud Stimulant can be added 1-2 times per week with a solution of Aloevate.

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