AN Piranha 500ml Advanced Nutrients
Now you can increase the size and efficiency of you plants roots
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You'll Love The Way That Promoting Root Growth Gives You Maximum Yields. Roots are what feed your plants almost everything they need, and now you can maximize your plants’ root mass so your plants getoptimum nutrition and enhanced flowering.

You do this by using beneficial fungi that accomplishes the following for you:

  • Beneficial Fungi maximizes root absorption of oxygen, nutrients and water
  • Beneficial Fungi maximizes root growth for optimum yields
  • Helps your roots gain surface mass
  • Beneficial Fungi maximize production of floral essential oils

Getting The Right Types Of Beneficial Fungi Is All-important For Maximizing Your Yield. As you can see, beneficial fungi are a valuable tool you use to maximize your gardens production. But please remember that it matter what type of fungi you use. You need to add the right types of the two major categories of beneficial fungi:

  • Category One beneficial fungi are called Endomycorrhiza. Believe it or not, these fungi actually have a form of “foot,” called a hyphae, that enters into root cells to produce sacs or branched structures. As you can imagine, the sacs and branched structures increase root mass and root function.
  • Category Two beneficial fungi are called Ectomycorrhiza. These fungi create a hyphal sheath that covers root tips. They also create a hyphae net that cloaks the entire root system.
  • Funny thing is, plant scientists used to assert that endomycorrhiza were the only type of fungi that inserted themselves into root cells, and that the ecto variety stayed outside roots.
  • New research conducted by our scientists reveals that super-strains of ecto and endo beneficial fungi both penetrate roots, so they have designated these strains as a mega-category called “ectendomycorrhiza.”

The good news is that whatever you call them, beneficial fungi form a web of root enhancement called a “fungal mycelium.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Piranha Going To Get Me Bigger Buds In Soil And In An Organic Program, Not Just In Hydroponics?

Piranha enhances growth and yield in any type of gardening situation, including soil and organics. It is a 100% organic formula.

My Friend Told Me That Piranha Can Be Used With Some Other Of Your Formulas To Get Even More Impact. It’s true that using Piranha with our two other beneficial microbes products (Voodoo Juice and Tarantula) will create fertile, naturally-enhanced root zone for strong plants and maximum harvests.

Does Piranha Leave A Bad Residue?
Piranha foliar spray leaves no toxic residue. We always recommend that you lightly mist your flowers about a week before harvest and then don’t apply any more foliars to them after that.

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