Expanded Clay 50L BULK 10+ bags $33 ea
8-16mm GERMAN quality expanded clay by Liaflor is especially suitable for hydroponics and aquaponics. This large grade product far superior to others on the market and is reusable for around 20 years. Bag contains 50 litres.
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Bulk Prices:
$33.00   each when buying 10 or more
$ 39.90

  • 1 Bag = $39.90
  • 10 Bags or more = $33.00

Liaflor is a ceramic, purely mineral substrate made out of expanded clay. The basic material is natural, expandable clay which is expanded while it is burnt at 1200°C in a rotary kiln and then screened out. Liaflor is germ-free as well as chemically and biologically neutral. Liaflor drains and can be reused. It is eco-friendly produced and its disposal does not pollute the environment.

Unlike cheap inferior quality clay, Liaflor German expanded clay will not break down over time. Cheap quality expanded clay equates to false economy as it breaks down, becomes muddy and will block up your pumps!

Click here to download the information brochure on Liaflor Expanded Clay.

What are clay balls? So you're choosing a hydroponic or aquaponic media, and hydroton (clay pebbles) is on your list. Good! Video courtesy of Bright Agrotech. Product for illustration purposes only.

See video below from Earnest Fernandez setting up a grow tray with expanded clay (product for illustration purposes only).

How can these little brown balls replace soil, or a peat-based potting mix? What sort of irrigation strategies work and why? We explain how to get the most out of hydroton (aka expanded clay pebbles / balls) in hydroponics.














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