Ballast HPS Cultiv8 600W Ballast HPS Cultiv8 600W

Digital ballast has proved itself to be a highly reliable and efficient product with dynamic...

Code: 9327719006880
$ 160.00
Boveda 8g 62% Relative Humidity Boveda 8g 62% Relative...

Scientifically engineered to maintain a precise relative humidity in an enclosed space, and...

Code: 9328970001140
$ 4.90
Can Fan Silencer 1000mm Can Fan Silencer 1000mm

Silencers are used to reduce outlet or inlet noise. Available in 2 sizes. Silencers can be...

Code: 9327719008228
$ 230.00
Coco Way To Grow W2G Pro RHP 50L Coco Way To Grow W2G Pro...

Buffered with Calcium & Magnesium Contains Trichoderma

Code: 0609728293543
$ 40.00
Duralastics 1080 x 1080 x 180mm Flood and Drain Tray Duralastics 1080 x 1080 x...

Made of black 100% recycled ABS plastic with virgin ABS cap on each side. Manufactured using...

Code: 9327719001373
$ 160.00

HYDRO AXIS Pen testers are easy to use and portable, and the range includes both pH and EC...

Code: 9327719006682
$ 59.90
Exhaust Back Draught Shutter 150mm Exhaust Back Draught...

The spring operated flaps close when there is no positive air movement, preventing any air...

Code: 9327719009737
$ 24.90
Ezi Garden Deluxe Ezi Garden Deluxe

The name says it all, no weeding, no bending and no digging. Two troughs of expanded clay...

Code: 9327719003032
$ 359.00
Flairform Pythoff 1 Litre Flairform Pythoff 1 Litre

Hydroponic Nutrient Conditioner

Code: 933783900115
$ 39.90
Grommet 19mm Top Hat Grommet 19mm Top Hat

Superior quality fitting. 2 Sizes available.

Code: 9313194010689
$ 1.20
Grow Tent GP 1.2x1.2x2.15 GPH120 Grow Tent GP 1.2x1.2x2.15...

Gardis Pro Head Room tents - more room to grow

Code: 9333822000851
$ 260.00
Hydro Halo Water Ring 12 inch Pack of 2 Hydro Halo Water Ring 12...

The Hydro Halo ensures an even supply of nutrient to the root zone of plants.

Code: 9327719007511
$ 27.90
Hydro Pro HP850Lph 1.5mH 26W Hydro Pro HP850Lph 1.5mH 26W

HydroPro pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best...

Code: 9343342014054
$ 29.90
Plant Clippers 1000 pack Plant Clippers 1000 pack

Support your crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums etc. Use in conjunction with Tomato...

Code: 9327719000949
$ 44.00
Professor Nutrient Resin Clean 1L Professor Nutrient Resin...

RESIN CLEAN – Multi-Purpose Resin Cleaner

Code: 9327719000031
$ 44.90
Water Heater 200W Thermosafe 30cm Water Heater 200W...

Maintaining water temperature is an essential requirement for keeping fish happy and healthy,...

Code: 9325136043952
$ 54.90
Ag-Grow Coco Bloom A+B 5L Set Ag-Grow Coco Bloom A+B 5L Set

NEW! Ag-Grow® Coco Bloom is designed for the flowering and fruiting stage.

Code: 9327719009942
$ 159.80
AN Grow + Micro + Bloom 1L Set Advanced Nutrients AN Grow + Micro + Bloom 1L...

pH Perfect Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, Bloom is a 3-part premium base nutrient trio...

Code: 845268005462
$ 134.70
Australian Aquaponics Book By Shannida Herbert and Matt Herbert Australian Aquaponics Book...

Australian aquaponics, An up-to-date Aquaponics manual, providing a broad overview of the many...

Code: 9780646481999
$ 84.90
Ballast Digi Lumen Dimmable 600W Ballast Digi Lumen Dimmable...

Suitable for either HPS (high pressure sodium) or Metal Halide (MH) lamps.

Code: 867525161254
$ 180.00
Boveda 67g 62% Relative Humidity Boveda 67g 62% Relative...

Scientifically engineered to maintain a precise relative humidity in an enclosed space, and...

Code: 850661003182
$ 14.90