Zeolite Gravel 10kg
​Zeolite is an amazing, naturally occurring mineral rock formed after volcanic ash fell into brackish water basins.
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Zeolite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is mined in Australia and is Certified Organic and can be used in various applications.  It is a preferred Water Corporation soil amendment. It works equally well in soil as it does in water. It can be mixed directly into the soil to maximise nutrient retention, act as a growing bed for vegetable seedlings in aquaponics and zeolite is great for controlling algae.

Zeolite is hydrophilic, Its structure allows it to absorb and store a great percentage of its mass in water, that can still be accessed by plants and soil organisms. But at the same time, it also entraps air - so necessary for healthy active root growth and beneficial organisms.

It is also available in  0.5mm Sand 10kg bag


Spongolite (and Zeolite) are a natural, certified organic and endorsed product by the Water Corporation of Western Australia as a preferred soil amendment. Being an organic product you can be assured that you can never overdose these products, infact, using more will always be better.

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Uses for Zeolite 

There are many uses for Zeolite. Below are some examples - 

  • Soil ameliorates (amendments) to improve water and nutrient holding properties, and to reduce nutrient leaching.
  • A base for slow-release fertilizers, especially water-soluble preparations
  • A carrier for soil wetting agents and biological soil activators.
  • An additive to potting mixes, composts and worm farms.
  • Water filtration in swimming pools, fishponds, reduces algae, aquaculture, etc.
  • In synthetic turf to absorb pollutants, sometimes also used as playground sand.
  • A soil-less growing medium in hydroponics and aquaponics.
  • As a stock feed additive.
  • Odour and moisture absorption, e.g., in animal bedding to trap malodorous volatiles.
  • In air filtration to remove gases.
  • Treating pollution, chemical spills, etc.
  • Waste water and sewerage treatment.