Vermiculite 100L Medium/Fine

Vermiculite is a flaky material, when heated exfoliates, splitting the layers apart and giving light, spongy, golden granules. It can hold 67% by volume of water. Very light, sterile and pH neutral.
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Vermiculite has been used in various industries for over 100 years and its occurrence as a natural mineral (hydrated phlogopite mica) dates back as far as 3.0 billion years old and it is one of the worlds most unique minerals. Some of the largest commercial mines in the world who are exclusive Vermiculite suppliers, are located in Southern Africa, Australia, China, Brazil and USA. Once the ore is mined and graded it is then subjected to a furnacing process which is also known as exfoliation. Exfoliation is a process where the ore is heated to approximately 800°C, at this point, water particles in the ore are boiled off and evaporated which then causes rapid expansion to form concertina Vermiculite particles.

It is an extremely unique product that is Sterile and pH Neutral, which allows its use in many applications including Vermiculite insulation & Vermiculite Horticulture. Its unique properties include the following special characteristics; Lightweight, Thermally Stable, High Water holding capacity, non-reactive and odourless.


Need a medium that aerates your root zones? Perlite might be for you. Perlite can be mixed with Vermiculte 2:1

What is Perlite? Pros and Cons - Video courtesy of Bright Agrotech