Timer Multi 1s-99Hr 10A

Multi Purpose Digital Timer Seconds, Minutes and Hours
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Multi Purpose Digital Timer Sec/Min/Hrs

  • Multipurpose timer if used for pumps – Set Off time in Hrs /On time in Seconds /Minutes 
  • If you wish to feed only when lights are ON use one of the sockets on light control board which is controlled by its timer 
  • Max Load should be 5 A /Socket or 10 A in total 
  • Settings must be done in Power Off condition . Mains Switch OFF . 
  • After Settings are done – Switch ON power- ON TIME starts and then cycle continues. 
  • If Power supply is interrupted the new cycle starts when power supply resumes. 

S - Seconds  01 - 99Sec
M - Minutes - 01 - 99Min
H - Hours -    01 -  99Hrs

Push Button for ease of use & digital display

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