Spongolite 6mm 15Kg

Spongolite is a naturally occurring product that is made from fossilised sea sponge.
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Spongolite is a naturally occurring fossilised sea sponge, it holds nutrient and water, it is unique in that is does not leech the held water, it will only release to the plant root system on demand, again making it a valuable addition to any soil, garden bed and again in aquaponics. Spongolite absorbs and retains large amounts of water and can be used in garden beds and potting mixes to dramatically reduce water consumption. 

Spongolite contails silica, it is abrasive and care should be taken wjen handling this product.  Avoid breathing dust particles (always use a mask to prevent any inhalation.)  It is a useful additive to potting mix; incorporate at about 2 – 10% of the total volume used. It can be worked into the top 100 - 200mm of soil, or added to compost piles. On sandy soils, use at a ratio of 250gms – 1kg per square metre. As a general rule, the poorer the soil, the more Spongolite may be required. Try a smaller quantity, and repeat application if required.

Spongolite is mined in Western Australia.

Spongolite is Organic

Spongolite (and Zeolite) are a natural, certified organic and endorsed product by the Water Corporation of Western Australia as a preferred soil amendment. Being an organic product you can be assured that you can never overdose these products, infact, using more will always be better.

Other uses: Spongolite is lightweight and porous and is used as an absorbent for fluid spills including chemicals, acids and oils.  It acts quickly and effectively.