Rope Ratchet 1/8" Metal Inner Pk 2

Grow Light Hanger is a braided polypropylene rope with ratchet system that enables the user to secure a wide variety of items quickly and easily.
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These 1/8" Metal Wheel Inner Heavy Duty Hangers are used for hanging grow light reflector. They are the simplest and most efficient way to adjust the reflector depending on your need. These hangers also perfectly meet the requirement of adjusting the reflector to provide different light supply as plants grow. Compatible with all types of light reflectors.


  • 1/8" Metal Wheel Pulley Inner
  • 8' braided polypropylene rope
  • Secure items quickly and easily
  • Never breaks, slips or rusts
  • Carabiner clip gives secure hold. Great for hoisting and securing
  • Max Weight 68KGS or 150 LBS per pair
  • Excellent for hanging reflectors, light fixtures, hanging carbon