Recirculating Grow Tent Combo #1

Don’t waste a drop of water with this re-circulating entry level grow tent combo
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This Recirulating Grow Tent Combo #1 is for those who are water conscious and have limited space. Add nothing. Reap everything.

Here's what's in the combo:

1 x Grow Tent 1 x 1 x 2m Jungle Room

1 x HPS GE LucaGrow 400W
1 x Kroplite Reflector Open Ended
1 x Ballast HPS 400W JB
1 x Rope Ratchet pack of 2

Air Filtration
1 x Can Fan RK125 310m3Hr 60W
1 x Can Lite Filter 300m3H 450mm
1 x Exhaust Duct 5m x 125mm

Air Movement
1 x Exhaust Fan Oscillating Clip-On 18cm 2 Speed

Recirculating Option
2 x Pro Pot NF 15L Bucket
2 x Pro Pot NF 15L Grate Pot
2 x Pot Liner 20L Gardis Pro
1 x Kitab Stack/Nest Crate + Lid 60L
1 x HydroPro 850HP Lph Pump
1 x Liaflor Expanded Clay 50L

2 x Grommet 19mm
1 x Tee 19mm
1 x Tee 13mm
2 x Joiner 19mm
2 x Flexible Tube 19mm
2 x Flexible Tube 13mm
1 x Hydro Halo 9” Pack of 2

2 x Timer Ezi Pin 15 minute 16A

Add a propagation kit to grow or clone your own seeds and cuttings here.