Polished Black 30-50mm 1000Kg - BULK 100 bags FREE Delivery

Perfect for decorating water features, small pots and landscaping your garden.
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  • This price includes the 20% discount on 1 tonne lots (100 x 10KG)
  • Plus FREE commercial grade weed mat (8m x 1.8 width)

Our premium quality river pebbles and stones are perfect for decorating and landscaping. These stones have been treated with an 8 Hour Hot Wax Polish. 

To calculate how much you will need for your garden work out how many square meter you wish to fill. You will need 80kg per square meter for even coverage approximately 10-30mm deep.

Example. You have an area that is 17m long but only 20cm wide.

17m x .2m = 3.4sqm. Round up to 4sqm. (4x80 = 320kg) Therefore you will need 320kg of pebble (32 x 10kg bags)