Ozone 1000 40W with Built-in Sunon Fan

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Instructions and Tips for the Lightning Bolt 1000mg (40w) and 2000mg(80w) Ozone Generator

The instructions for its use are very simple as all you need to do is plug the unit in and switch it on. Of course, doing only that may not provide you the full benefits, as it is the placing of the unit that will make it most effective. To start with, the inside of your ozone generator is fitted with an ozone tube. This tube looks similar to a fluorescent tube but the spectral wavelength of light emitted creates ozone to destroy odors and other air bound toxins. The light emitted from this tube is not good for the human eye so never operate the unit with the top off. 40w ozone generator comes with a 120mm fan at one end of the unit draws in air pushing it past the ozone tube and out the other end. 80w ozone generator (2x40w tubes) comes with 150mm ducting frames on both ends to fit an exhaust fan. Ozone has quite a distinct smell to it as you will notice if you put your nose in the air where the ozone comes out of the unit.

The output of the ozone tube will deplete over time so when it gets to the stage where you cannot smell ozone coming out of the generator, or the ozone smell is very weak, or if the smell you are trying to get rid of returns while using the ozone generator, then it is time to replace your tube (Ensure that your tube is cleaned on a regular basis as mentioned in the tips below). The tube should last for about 4,500 hours although this can vary depending on the environmental conditions where the ozone generator is used. For instance, high humidity can knock down the ozone output quite drastically. Your ozone generator comes complete with a ducting adapter attached to it. If you choose to use ducting with your adapter then we suggest 100mm ducting for 40w and 150mm for 80w unit, as this will allow you space to tape the ducting to the adapter.


  • Clean your tube every 3-4 weeks with CRC Contact cleaner or a similar evaporating alcohol based product that leaves no residue. This will maximize the ozone output of your generator.
  • Place your ozone generator in a dust free dry environment to extend tube life.
  • If the generator is being used to eliminate smell in a growing environment, run it on the same cycle as your exhaust fan to avoid ozone build up.
  • High levels of ozone can damage plants so try to place the unit outside the grow room and duct it into your exhaust ducting
  • When used in conjunction with your exhaust fan, a mixing chamber about one metre along your ducting from your exhaust fan will work ideally to mix ozone with the smelly air before it escapes. Place your ozone unit as per one of the options below. Option 1 is more preferred as the ozone unit is not drawing in humid grow room air