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WEIGHTPLUS POTASSIUM is a highly concentrated form of Potassium and Phosphorous which, when added to the nutrient solution in the bloom phase of plants, allows for luxury uptake of weight producing potassium.
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Potassium is used by the plant in a great number of its processes. It is so important that the plant will take up amounts in excess of its needs. This extra potassium is used in the construction of the cell walls of the plant and so adds to the weight of the final plant.

WEIGHTPLUS – a vital addition to any feed schedule Potassium in commonly overlooked and underrated by novice gardeners who often spend their money on nitrogen rich growth enhancers or phosphorous based bloom stimulators.

Why should I use WEIGHTPLUS? Potassium is a key activator of many enzymes that a plant requires, especially those involved in carbohydrate metabolism. In fact potassium plays an intricate role in carbohydrate management.

Potassium is necessary for all water related transporting activities including the opening and closing of stomata and the movement of nutrients within the plant via osmosis. What this means is that WEIGHTPLUS will play an important role in your plants transpiration.

Potassium is generally associated with a plants “quality’ and is also required for the successful initiation of flower buds. WEIGHTPLUS is a highly concentrated form of potassium and phosphorous which, when added to your nutrient solution during the flowering phase of a plant, allows for the luxury uptake of weight producing potassium.

This extra potassium is used in the construction of the cell walls of the plant and so adds to the weight of a mature plant. Some crops such as tomatoes can almost double their uptake during fruiting.

Symptoms of a potassium deficiency are typically scorched spots on older leaves, a general low vigor and a susceptibility to fungal diseases.

Available in 1 litre, 4 Litre

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