Nulife Stop Wilt 4L

STOPWILT PLANT TONIC is an innovation in the battle to maintain plant health in the face of disease symptoms.
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Until now there has been little protection against the effect of root disease in hydroponic systems and these diseases often play havoc with crops in these systems. Experience has shown that adding STOPWILT to the system has prevented the symptoms and assisted the recovery of plants attacked by root disease STOPWILT acts by maintaining turgor in the stomatal guard cells, thus preventing wilting and allowing the plants own immune system to do the job of combating disease.

Are your plants struggling on their recovery from an illness? 

Stopwilt is an innovative and valuable tool to use when nursing your plant back to it’s full health and vigor after periods of distress.

Stopwilt Plant Tonic is your first line of defense in the difficult battle to bolster your plant against symptoms that come from problems such as root diseases. There is little available in todays marketplace when it comes to fighting the detrimental effects that root diseases will inflict upon your plants.

There is a myriad of ways in which a root disease will play havoc with your plant, most common being slow growth and the inability for your plants to absorb and efficiently utilise essential nutrients. Our research has shown that introducing Stopwilt to your hydroponic system will drastically reduce effects that follow from a root disease and assist in it’s recovery.

Stopwilt acts on your plant by maintaining turgor in the plants stomatal guard cells, (turgor relates to the internal pressure of a cell), thus preventing wilting.

  • Dramatically increases a plants recovery time from illness.
  • Increases your plants tolerance to stresses
  • Stimulates the stomatal guard cells of a plant
  • Enables your plants immune system to work as nature intended
  • It is very safe to use and is not hazardous to health

Available in 1 litre, 4 Litre

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