Nulife Quick Start Clone Accelerator 1L

Tired of poor strike rates and waiting for cuttings to propagate?
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Brand: Nulife
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Quickstart is a unique blend of plant nutrients, natural vitamins and hormones that Nulife Technologies has created to have a synergistic effect on your cuttings. Quickstart will increase your strike rate and subsequent growth of clones.

The special formula that forms Quickstart enables the cutting to perform like a complete plant, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS NO ROOTS!!!

The primary benefit of this is that there is virtually no interruption to your plants natural growth processes thus producing a stronger, hardier and better quality plant.

  • Dramatically improves the strike rate of cuttings
  • Speeds up the growth rate of your cuttings
  • Strengthens cuttings for a smoother transplanting

Available in 1 litre, 4 Litre

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