Nulife Coco Feed Bloom A+B 1L

Nulifes Coco Feed takes account of this by supplying more nitrogen in the CORRECT FORM for use by the microbes which are responsible for the decomposition.
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Coco Feed has been developed in response to the increasing use of coconut fibre or coco peat. Coco peat contains various amounts of salt depending on its source.  Coco Feed has increased amounts of calcium to cope with this problem.  The added calcium displaces the salt in the coco peat and is washed out through the drainage water.

Coco peat continues to decompose once its wet.  In order to do this, it robs the nutrient of its nitrogen.  Cocofeed supplys more nitrogen in the 'correct form' for use by the microbes which are responsible for decomposition.  Coco Feed is also suitable for soil growing due to the balance of the nutrients and the technology used to construct Coco Feed.