NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) Kit

Highly suited for the dedicated grower, N.F.T. is the cutting edge of hydroponics! Make the investment, sow the seeds, then harvest the rewards. As far as systems are concerned, it doesn't get any sharper than N.F.T.
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NFT System

This recycling system will give you the maximum control over the nutrient variables of pH and Electrical Conductivity  (nutrient strength). Widely  used in lettuce and strawberry commercial production, the NFT system gives superior  performance because it relies on the essential balance of oxygen and nutrient solution in the root zone.

Contains aluminium stand, hydroponic UV stable, food grade channels 155x70mm, net grow cups, reservoir tank, submersible pump, feed/drainage lines and nutrient. Hydro channel also available in 100x50mm and 225x80mm profiles.

Hydroponics NFT system (Nutrient Film Technique ). See the NFT system explained simply in Jordis youtube video here. For illustration purposes only.