Mother Propagation Grow Tent Combo

Look after your babies with this complete run to waste combo to give them a productive future.
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This Mother Propagation Grow Tent Combo comes ready to grow. Add nothing. Reap everything.

Here's what's in the combo:

1x Grow Tent 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6m Sea Hawk

1x HPS GE LucaGrow 400W
1x Kroplite Reflector Open Ended
1x Ballast HPS 400W JB
1x Rope Ratchet pack of 2

Air Filtration
1x Can Fan RK125 310m3Hr 60W
1x Can Lite Filter 300m3H 450mm
1x Exhaust Duct 5m x 125mm

Air Movement
1x Exhaust Fan Oscillating Clip-On 18cm 2 Speed

1x Pro Pot NF 27L Bucket 
1x Pro Pot NF 27L Grate Pot 
1x Pot Liner 30L Gardis Pro

1x Canna Coco 50L
1x Perlite 25L

1x Grommet 19mm
1x Joiner 19mm
2 x Flexible Tube 19mm

1x Timer Ezi Pin 15 minute 16A

Add a propagation kit to grow or clone your own seeds and cuttings here.