Light Kit 600W, Ballast, Lamp and Batwing Shade

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  • Superior quality 600W JB Ballast. A ballast is necessary for most hydroponic lighting system. High Intensity Discharge growing lights need a ballast to regulate the power feed to the lamp.
  • 600W HPS LucaLox PSL lamp. (Digital ready). Simple light or lumen maintenance is not enough to create plant growth. The Lucalox™ Photo Synthesis Light Lamp has been specially developed to provide stable lumen maintenance and increases Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). Plants require a certain radiation level to help with photosynthesis. Measured in micromole/sec, the increased PAR output of the Lucalox™ PSL lamp best simulates natural daylight to maintain plant growth under artificial lighting conditions.
  • aluminium hammered Batwing shade/reflector 

JB Ballast features and benefits.

Components used in the JB range are the best quality available in the world. German Vossloh Schwabe Chokes, and Capacitor are used. The choke, ignitors and capacitor brands have been carefully selected based on the quality of the materials and special consideration has been made to ensure that the manufacturing processes of the components is up to date and modern manufacturing technologies are implemented.

Some special features include -

  • Very short magnetic paths
  • Short heat path*Winding insulation Class H or better
  • Vacuum impregnated core and coil
  • low power consumption

There are other black varnished chokes in the market place that can only boast one or two of the features above. In fact Vossloh chokes are the only chokes in this country that are vacuum impregnated. This means that when the varnish is applied to the finished product it is done in vacuum. This gives the following benefits over "black" chokes -

*Deeper penetration of varnish covering the entire winding

*Cooler and quieter running

*Service life is dramatically increased

*Increased efficiency

High voltages are required to start most HID lamps. The JB ignitor is specifically designed in house for ignition of the most common lamps used in the hydroponic industry. The JB ignitor will start a lamp up to a distance of 30 meters.

Capacitors are used in HID lighting for power factor correction. When you place a choke and the main line it causes the circuits to draw more current than is required to run the lamp. A capacitor equalises this effect. Our capacitors are of the highest quality, features include -

*Low capacitance loss


*High insulation resistance

JB Lighting is based in Melbourne Australia and founded in 1990, JB Lighting is an importer, manufacturer and distributor of products used by the Lighting, Electrical, Horticultural and Aquarium Lighting industries. In this time we have worked hard to live up to our philosophies and missions. These include providing high quality goods and services to build the company and streamline operations to levels that will stand out in these industries. We employ sales, office and assembly staff and utilise outsourced services for expert professionalism that cannot be done in house prudently.

Our electrical division are holders of Australian and International agencies for transformer, street lighting and soon carbon brushes. Our Horticultural/Aquarium division distributes various well-known products for the industry. Our main distribution method is by means of appointed representatives in every state. This accounts for 90% of sales the balance is by direct sales to retail stores, although we have direct contact to the customers of our distributors for the purpose of technical support. We have partnerships and co-operations with factories in China and the European Community.

Batwing Aluminium Shade. JB Lighting superior quality. Australian made. Lightweight and Durable.  Dimpled aluminium. Heat transparent. Pre-assembled with 5m lead and round earth pin plug.