LED Pro Grow 680W 8 Bar Model E

8 bars, full spectrum. 1950 ΜMOL/S
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The new Pro Grow LED 630W has an industry leading output of PPF 1,720 ?mols/s. Pro Grow blends top bin SMD diodes from both Samsung and Osram for an outstanding efficacy of over 2.73 ?mols/s. Pro Grow LED 630 W emits 4,000 Kelvin full spectrum light with an industry leading CRI of 90. Coupled with a ultra-reliable Inventronics 0-10 V Dimming Driver, the light weight and durable die-cast aluminium housings offer cool, fanless & totally silent operation.

Extended reliability is assured with IP-55 water resistant, cleanable housings. Fixtures are dimmable via the dial on the driver. Drivers can be fixed or remote mounted and the 0-10V RJ14 3m connection cables can be extended by up to 5 metres per fixture. Four mounting rope ratchets are included.


  • Coverage: 150CM x 150CM
  • Input Power: 680W
  • Efficacy: 2.86 µmol/J
  • PPF: 1950µmol/s Autosensing
  • Input Voltage: 100-277V
  • Mounting Height: >=15CM Above Canopy Passive
  • Thermal Management: Passive
  • Lifetime: 50,000hrs
  • Power Factor: >90%
  • Colour Rendering Index: 90ra
  • Ambient Temperture: -40-40"C
  • Storage Environment: -4DX-85"C RH10%-95%
  • Chip: Samsung & Osram deep red Diodes 
  • Fixture Dimensions: 1120 x 1080 x 45MM
  • Fixture Weight: 28kg