LED Grow Sabre 90cm 30W 6500K E0511

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HORTITEK Grow Sabre LED Light features Less power consumption and much higher efficiency than traditional fluorescent lamps.

Delivers maximum grow light for propagation / vegetative (6500K type) and flowering (3000K type). Covers all colour spectrum with an 80% CRI creating a more natural light source compared to the common LEDs on the market. Dust proof & water resistance.

  • Duarable aluminium housing
  • Light weight
  • High effeciency
  • Water resistant
  • Low heat
  • Hanging and Fixing

30w_900mm.png   flower_prop_chart.png

4 sizes available: 

Sabre 60cm 20W 6500K / Sabre 90cm 30W 6500K / Sabre 120cm 40W 6500K / Sabre 150cm 60W 3000K