Hydroponic Gardening By Nathaniel Cross

Hydroponic Gardening for the Novice. As farmers look for more innovative ways to grow crops hydroponics has become an option for many.
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With this method of gardening, no soil is needed as the crops can be grown in water with the aid of mineral nutrient solutions. As such the book "The Guide To Hydroponic Gardening For The Novice" is well timed as it gives the budding gardener the opportunity to learn about this new way to grow crops. The great thing is that no soil is needed so there's no fuss about purchasing rich topsoil and other fertilizers or even to plough land to prepare it for planting. It is a great tool for the home as with a little bit of innovation and the right set of tools, the hydroponic garden can be set up and used to grow great vegetables and plants in no time. It is also suited for those areas where there are temperature changes that restrict planting all through the year.

Nathaniel Cross grew up on a farm and loves the thought of living off the land. When he grew older he had the intention of becoming a farmer like his dad and selected courses that would help him to be a better farmer as he already had the hands on knowledge and need some more business skills. It was while he was at school that he was introduced to hydroponics. It was a bit weird to him at first but he decided to learn all that he could about it with the intention of introducing his father to it. With this type of gardening they would be able to grow crops all through the winter to supply the family and other members in the community. When he introduced his dad to the process, he was encouraged to speak to others who were farmers or did a bit of gardening as well. From that point on he got the idea to write a book to reach more interested individuals.