Cool Tube Alumin 150x500mm

Cool Tube Reflectors are suitable for HPS and MH tubular lamps up to 1000 watt.
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The reflectors are fitted with pre wired lamp holder and cord, aluminum reflector inside, heat resistance glass and 6” ducting setup.


  • The Air Cooled full sealed reflector features a heat resistance glass tube, a European aluminum insert inside and outside above the tube that offers 95% reflectivity.
  • Power is provided via a pre wired 15-foot, 600-volt E39/40 lamp cord outfitted with the industry-standard common lamp cord.
  • The light fitting has 6” (six-inch) flanges on both ends
  • Covering large area, Plenty lights and reflection, NO HEAT, good for all growing process
  • Measures 690mm (27 1/6”) long x 150mm (6”) diameter
  • Weight 2kg approx.
  • Suitable for all HPS and MH tubular lamps up to 1000w
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty