Grodan Wrap Slab 900x300x75mm

Grodan Delta is the best block for essential properties such as firmness and saturation. These qualities make Grodan Delta ideally suited for propagators who want to secure the success of their processes.
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Cultivating a homogeneous batch of plants forms the basis for a successful crop. Climate conditions and the materials used are crucial factors in the growth process. Grodan is very aware that the substrate block is crucial in this process. Accordingly, the new Grodan Delta block is uniform throughout. It is robust and handles excellently during both manual and automatic processing. This results in even water distribution across the depth and ensures optimum control of the air/water balance and the nutrient solution (EC). In addition, with Grodan Delta, the root growth is spread throughout the entire block.

In summary, Grodan Delta is the ideal basis for the perfect growth.


Grodan Delta is a widely used block for propagating tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers worldwide. The easy water and EC distribution, handling and saturation offer propagators a reliable start to production.