Green Smart Veggie Pot Large 40L

The GreenSmart pot is a self watering system developed in Australia. It has made growing vegetables and herbs easy regardless of gardening experience, time availability, cost, location and age. GreenSmart recognises that everyone is a potential gardener!
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Developed in Australia, GreenSmart® was born out of a growing need to combat the rising cost of living, ever tightening water restrictions and availability of healthy, fresh food. Manufactured using food grade materials GreenSmart® offers the perfect way to safely grow high quality produce. The self-contained system can also be used to easily grow completely organic vegetables and herbs.

GreenSmart® is perfect for growing vegetables and herbs in any space: from a balcony in a flat right up to whole paddocks on a farm.

Two sizes are available, small 20 litre (56.4cmL x 39.9cmW x 23cmH ) and large 40 litre (73.6cmL x 43.9cmW x 29cmH).

Available in cream or green. Please specy when ordering.

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Click here to download product brochure

Click here to download product brochure