Gnat Nil 5 Litres
Fungus gnat control. Non-toxic and made by mother nature herself. Natural pest control at its best! Gnat Nil is environmentally friendly, safe and easy to use.
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Gnatnil is permanent,  weathered, strong, and highly porous pumice

  • Fungus gnat control
  • Effective under dry or moist conditions
  • Great for indoors & outdoors
  • Non-toxic fungus gnat control
  • Long-lasting top dressing
  • Zero Carbon Footprint

Trials have proved Gnat NiL! used as a top dressing creates an effective physical barrier against fungus gnats. Prevents adult emergence from hatching larvae and deters females from laying eggs in the growing media.

Directions for Use:

Apply 1/2"- 3/4" layer to fully cover the surface in your growing containers, making sure the entire top surfaces of all containers are fully covered.



  • Permanent, Weathered, Strong, Highly Porous, Inert, Long Life Growing Media, extensively used in commercial Horticulture for a range of applications.
  • pH 6.9  (near neutral out of the bag)
  • Non-toxic and naturally proven by nature as perfect for fresh water fish growth, abundant in volcanic regions like NZ, proliferating with Trout and aquatic life, swimming in Pumice lined streams.
  • Pumice is clean ready to use, out of the bag.   
  • Abundant high quality, local regional sources. 
  • 500m2 / litre of surface area for optimised bacterial colonisation to enhance organic breakdown, just as nature intended.
  • Pumice per unit volume is inexpensive, sufficiently so, to be continuing to gain market share in the commercial horticultural sector, bonzai, orchids, fruit trees and numerous other specialist applications.

Pumice has a Zero Carbon Footprint.  Minimal energy is required for simple screen grading, solar drying & packaging. Distance to Perth is just 3,175 Nautical Miles. 

Compare this to glass which requires nearly half a litre of petroleum equivalent energy value, for each kilogram of glass products produced, energy needed to raise the temperature of both new and recycled glass to 1,575 degrees C the melting/forming temperature. That is not GREEN.   Distance from LA to Perth is  16,666 nautical miles over 5 times more transport energy required than Pumice. 

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