FloraMax OrganaBud 250mL (Taste n’ Texture)

Organic based additive. Organic extracts from Ascophyllum Nodosum sea kelp and fulvic acid are ideal for improving the root-zone environment in hydroponics.
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OrganaBud is a source of potash derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp extract.  This may aid in photosynthesis and assist in many enzyme actions.

  • OrganaBud is highly stabilized and suitable for use in soils or NFT, and inert substrate such as coco coir or Rockwool.
  • OrganaBud has a 3 year plus shelf-life.  This ensures complete solubility and compatibility with inorganic nutrients so that the working nutrient solution remains clear, and not cause blocked drippers or build-up in reservoirs.

Background:  The FloraMax test group were tired of “regular” organic additives that would block drippers and filters and cause foul odors in the reservoir.  OrganaBud is a reliable additive that satisfies the stringent demands of hydroponic systems.

Use from seed to harvest at 1-2ml/L


“There’s definitely an improvement in overall plant health and vitality. The fruit tastes incredibly clean and distinct.”

“Taste ‘n’ Texture is very clean in the reservoir and there are no bad odours. Other kelp products make a huge mess in the res, lines and drippers”

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