FloraMax System Maintenance 1L

Grow room heat + humidity = perfect breeding environment for nasties that invade hydroponic nutrient solutions and roots. Combating this will make the difference between a perfect yield and NO yield.
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Brand: FloraMax
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FloraMax System Maintenance ensures the growing system delivers consistent yields all-year-round:

  • Prevents root browning and plumbing blockages. When organic or sugary additives are used, System Maintenance helps prevent white, cloudy muck from forming.
  • Serves as a cleaner for tools and system hardware during post harvest cleanup.
  • Compatible with all nutrient types including sensitive organic’s and beneficial bacteria.
  • Dosage 2ml/L in nutrient (or 25ml/L as hardware cleaner)

Guide to disease control - FloraMax


“Root browning and plant death are no longer a threat to our plants. This is saving us a fortune!”

“When the day temperatures rise we get white slimes growing in the reservoir. This stuff goes through our system blocking pumps, drippers and pipes... System Maintenance has stopped this from happening, which has saved us A LOT of unnecessary maintenance and guaranteed our plants are getting watered on time.”

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