FloraMax Coco A+B 5L Set

FloraMax Coco nutrient is designed specifically for coco coir growers. It provides the ultimate in simplicity and achieves a new standard in taste, flavour and aroma.
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Brand: FloraMax
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Usage:  Coco A+B is a professional, Dutch-style two-part nutrient that is used throughout both the vegetative and flowering cycle.

FloraMax Coco is balanced and buffered specifically for coco coir and contains NO unnecessary ingredients. This gives the final harvest a much cleaner taste, better flavours and enhanced aromas.

FloraMax Coco is so simple to use.  It requires NO pH adjustment or complex mixing procedures, and will not clog drippers.  The feed chart is also very simple!

It has a single A+B formula for seed-to-harvest nutrition.  This is less confusing and more convenient than using separate grow and bloom formulations.

You can be confident growing with FloraMax Coco.  We utilize the highest grade of ingredients available for plant nutrient products.  Also, every batch of FloraMax is manufactured by our in-house senior chemist and quality tested before being bottled.  Our products boast extra long shelf-life, typically at least 3-5 years, which ensures every bottle performs to specification.  Growers can be confident of achieving consistent yields from crop-to-crop.

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“FloraMax makes the grow so unbelievably simple . The feed charts and dosing are really basic. I have not needed to use any pH solutions…”

“The flavor and taste of our coco grown fruit is so clean and nice… there’s nothing that compares to this”

“The reservoir, lines and drippers are still clean after a long grow”

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