Dutch Master Gold One Grow 5 Litre
One of the best single part nutrients available. Dutch Master Gold Range ONE combines a unique calcium and sulphur binding technology together with a high performance, cutting edge nutrient formulation.
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Brand: Dutch Master
$ 55.00

  • Sick & Tired Of Mixing 2, 3 Or More Part Nutrients?
  • Simply One Of The Best Single Part Nutrients Available Today!
  • Specially Formulated to Stay Crystal Clear Unlike Most Other Brands!
  • Designed To Work In All Grow Systems With All Grow Mediums!

Dutch Master ONE was the original Super Premium single part hydroponic nutrient available in both grow and flower formulations that combined high performance with ease of use - without the sludgy mess on the bottom of the bottle that typically happens with other single part nutrients! Introducing the all-new Gold Range ONE! 

Dutch Master Gold Range ONE combines a unique calcium and sulphur binding technology together with a high performance, cutting edge nutrient formulation of selected British and US Pharmaceutical minerals and phyto-nutrients that provide you with a powerful formula that is crystal clear with no fallout and assists your plants to grow and yield to their maximum natural genetic potential! 

Gold Range ONE provides superior results to most of our competitors best multi-part nutrients due to its superior formulation that was designed in-house by our Plant Physiology and Biochemistry scientists . As for most other single part nutrients, they simply combine all the elements together to form a sludgy mess in the bottom of the bottle. This sludgy fallout, often referred to as precipitation, is actually critical elements reacting with each other. Once this â��falloutâ�� has occurred, it doesnâ��t matter how much you shake the bottle, these elements will not go back into solution. Unfortunately, this means your plants will now suffer a deficiency resulting in lower yields! This will never happen with Gold Range ONE â�� guaranteed! 

Gold Range ONE is so far ahead of these single part nutrients itâ��s embarrassing â�� for them! If you want ease of use, without the compromise in performance, then you need Dutch Master Gold Range ONE! Designed specifically for use with all growing media, Gold Range ONEâ��s high performance action performs equally well in any grow system â�� truly universal! 

Try it today and see for yourself how easy it is to get great results from the world�s best single part nutrient!


To use Gold Range ONE, simply follow these easy guidelines!

  1. Fill your reservoir or tank to 2/3rds of its capacity.
  2. Then add any other additives such as Dutch Master Gold Range ADD.27, then add Gold Range POTASH+, Gold Range ZONE and Gold Range SILICA one at a time, stirring to mix before adding the next one.
  3. Add Gold Range ONE to your reservoir (according to the online Nutrient Calculator), stirring to mix.

Never mix Grow and Flower parts together. Grow must be used in the vegetative cycle and Flower must be used in the bloom cycle.

Top up your reservoir or tank to its final level or volume and check and adjust final nutrient strength using a TDS (PPM or EC) meter. If required, add more Gold Range ONE in small quantities, stirring between each addition until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength. If your nutrient solution is too strong then add fresh water until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength.

Adjust pH to approximately 5.5 for Rockwool, Perlite, Clay, Vermiculite, Aeroponics, DWC, NFT, Hydro or Coco users or 5.9 for dirt or soilless systems such as Promix or Sunshine mix. SeeGrowers Tips for more info.

Do NOT use any Calcium / Magnesium supplements as our nutrients are choc full of them!

Feed according to your systems normal requirements.


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