Dutch Master Gold Liquid Light 5 Litre

Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT foliar spray puts your plants into overdrive by helping to restore their lost natural photosynthetic power.
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  • Indispensible For Grow Tent Users!
  • The Worlds # 1 Foliar Spray - For A Reason!
  • Perfect For Indoor And Outdoor Gardens Alike!
  • Combine With Gold Range SATURATOR For The Best Results!
  • One Of The Worlds Most Effective Carbohydrate & Amino Supplements!

Don't you want plants that grow fast and develop to their true maximum genetic potential, giving you the best yields possible? Of course you do and that's exactly why we developed Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT! Its a known fact that plants don't process light anywhere near as well as they should. If they could process light closer to their genetic potential the results would shock you. Well get ready to be shocked!! 

Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT puts your plants into overdrive by helping to restore their lost natural photosynthetic power. Liquid Light does this by providing your plants with selected minerals, carbohydrates, amino-acids and phyto-nutrients that optimizes the Calvin Cycle, a critical cycle of photosynthesis. By restoring a large portion of a plants natural genetic photosynthetic speed, or power, plants are able to use a lot more of the precious light you provide them. Indoor lighting is expensive to provide and the running costs can be enormous. Doesn't it make sense to maximize your plants natural response to that expensive light? 

Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT is indispensible in todays modern indoor gardens where many gardeners are now using new technology Grow Tents or Grow Huts. These tents or huts often have limited lighting due to heat and size constraints so Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT allows you to get BIG LIGHT results from a single 400W or 600W lamp by helping your plants achieve their maximum natural photosynthetic power! Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT works just as great outdoors maximizing your plants limited exposure to full sun. Great for gardens where plants are often shaded and Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT is so easy to use. 

Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT is also one of todays most advanced and most effective Carbohydrate supplements bet you didn't know that! A big part of a plants light-processing ability lays in the amount of selected carbohydrates it has on hand to assist in maximizing its natural genetic photosynthetic power. Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT contains a specially selected premium suite of carbohydrates to naturally help your plants process all that light. Amazing! Simply mix with Gold Range SATURATOR and water and spray twice per week its that simple! Indoors or outdoors... we guarantee you'll love it!


To use Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT, simply follow these easy guidelines!

  1. Add 60 ml of Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT together with 60 ml of Gold Range SATURATOR to 1 litre of water in a spray bottle. For a 500 ml spray bottle add 30 ml of Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT and 30 ml of Gold Range SATURATOR and for a 250 ml spray bottle add 15 ml of Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT and 15 ml of Gold Range SATURATOR. Gold Range SATURATOR is an advanced delivery agent that transports Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT right inside the leaves of your plant. Remember, Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT will not work as effectively without Gold Range SATURATOR.

* IMPORTANT * Do NOT adjust pH. Gently shake the spray bottle with the solution in it to make sure it is well mixed.

* IMPORTANT * Ensure your lights are ON and will be for at least the next 3 hours. Make sure your lights are a minimum of 18 to 24 inches from the tops of your plants then spray your plants until the leaves are evenly coated with the spray solution and a small runoff occurs. MAKE SURE YOU AVOID SPRAYING THE GLOBES / BULBS. You only need to spray the top surface of the leaf because Gold Range SATURATOR will deliver everything inside the leaf. If you needed to raise your lights to spray, you may lower them back down after 30 minutes, as all the solution will be absorbed into the leaf within this time.

Spray your plants with Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT and Gold Range SATURATOR spray solution using the above measurements and methods twice per week (or every 3rd day) from the beginning of your grow cycle and right up until approximately the end of the 4th week of flowering.

Left over solution may be stored in the spray bottle, in a dark, cool environment, for up to a week. However, it is preferable, for optimal results, to mix fresh solutions just prior to spraying.

DO NOT use FOLITECH you are using Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT as Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT is the next level of foliar spray technology that contains all the ingredients of FOLITECH with new ground breaking discoveries that makes Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT the most advanced foliar spray ever produced!

Spray half strength Gold Range LIQUID LIGHT on very young plants (typically 1 - 2 weeks old). It is preferable to spray Dutch Master Gold Range A.P.S on cuttings (undiluted with 60 ml of Gold Range SATURATOR) whilst establishing an initial root system.