Deep Flow Dutch Bato Bucket Kit

The deep flow system is based on the exclusively designed Dutch BATO bucket. The design allows each pot to hold nutrient solution, giving growers peace of mind should a pump or electricity fail.
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This approach is unique in that each plant is in a readily removable separate pot, yet connected to an entire watering irrigation system. Particularly beneficial to large rooted plants like tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum etc.

Contains aluminium stand, 4 Dutch Bato buckets, submersible pump, Liaflor German expanded clay, reservoir tank, feed/drainage lines and nutrient. This system can be expanded.

Each Dutch Bato bucket comes with 2 knees

Bato buckets can be purchased individually if you want to expand your system. Click here.

Dutch Bato bucket ("Dutch bucket") systems are great for growing vining crops without soil. In this video, Ruebin shows the parts and process for building your own bato system. Courtesy of Bright Agrotech - How to Build a Bato Bucket System (for illustrations purposes only.)