Grodan Plug 77 plugs per sheet

Rockwool Propagation Grow Cubes Tray 36x36mm plug
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Grodan Rockwool is internationally used in around 80% of commercial systems. Grodan Rockwool is a fibrous material formed from volcanic rock, limestone and coke melted at 1500┬░C. The molten substance is spun, pressed and cooled into cubes and slabs. Excellent water/air ratio. It is pH alkaline to begin, soak in nutrient solution for 24-48 hour then run at 5.2-6.2 pH. Best in recycling and non-recycling systems.

Ideal for seed or cutting propagtion, the SBS (Single Block System) are supplied in their own handy plastic tray for easy handling. Once young plants are rootbound they can be transplanted to a larger pots.

Grodan offers a wide range of blocks and plugs that yield uniform plants under various cultivation conditions.

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