Colloidal Silver 500ml

Versatile, safe and effective. Not just for your health but your plants as well. 16-20ppm
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Gardening with Colloidal Silver

Using ionic colloidal silver is the most efficient, safest, and cost effective method for producing feminised seeds.

Here is how it works: When using colloidal silver formulated and 20 ppm or greater as a foliar spray, drenching the target area of the plant for 10-18 days in a row, the silver ion then inhibits the ethylene production needed by the plant to produce female flowers; In turn forcing the female plant to produce male pollen sacs. 

When to apply colloidal silver: The best time to use colloidal silver for feminization would be a day or two before you switch to flowering (12/12.) Immediately begin spraying colloidal silver on newer growth every day until male sacs start to form (typically 10-18 days.)

Within 3-6 weeks your flowering plant will produce feminized seeds. 

Want to read more? The above information was published in Maximum Yield - Ultimate Seed Feminizer: Colloidal Silver

Health Benefits with Colloidal Silver

COLLOIDAL SILVER is an exceptional natural antibiotic that kills viruses, fungi and bacteria. Colloidal silver is proven to be useful in treating over 650 different ailments/conditions. For more information click here to download brochure

DOSAGE Oral dosages vary. For Preventative Reasons begin with the recommended amount of one tablespoon (10 ml) per day. Use half this amount for young children (5 ml) and one fourth for babies (2½ ml) 1 teaspoon. If a person feels symptoms of flu, cold or infections starting or any of these have already taken hold of you, then you should take 50 ml once or twice daily for 2 days and then revert back to normal daily dosage. There is absolutely NO danger of overdosing so err on the side of excess. Prevention is the key so as to avoid a sudden, major outbreak of some germ in such numbers that it overwhelms the combined defences of an immune system. 

Colloidal Silver which is both a natural treatment and a preventative measure for most infections, with no side effects at all. It is natures Natural Antibiotic. Modern antibiotics can also kill good bacteria and damage tissue, liver, kidney and many organs, Colloidal Silver does not kill good bacteria and it repairs damaged tissue.

Safe for animals and pets, including birds and fish.

What's in our Colloidal Silver?
Only purified water and 99.99% pure silver which are converted into particles so minute that they can be utilised by living cells. Essential minerals are obtained through fruit and vegetables; silver is one of these essential minerals which is lacking in our processed fruits today.

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