Clone Propagator Kit #1
This propagator kit comes complete with premium quality Clone Tent, Heat Mat, Fluoro Light Kit 8500K, Seed Lid, Base and Drain Tray. Just add clones or seeds!
$ 273.32 (save $ 30.37)

In this kit you'll get an easy to assemble Clone Tent (850x500x400mm), a Sea Hawk Heat mat (644x350mm), newest fluorescent lighting technology PS1 Lighting System with 2 x 24W 8500K fluoro tubes, a seed kit clear lid, seed kit base and seed kit drain tray.

PS1 Light System
Super High Output T5 Lighting for: Seedlings, Cuttings & Vegetative Growth
White: 6400K  Leafy greens or vegetative growth. Also used for algal growth, e.g. spirulina.
Purple: 10000K Soft light for cuttings / clones
Contents: 2 x 24w T5 White lamps with electronic ballast and reflector. 1 x 30cm cable for linking lamps, 2m power cord (up to a maximum of 10 lights for one power supply plug) requires 220v-240v. Clips: 2 x 2 Surface mounting clips for under cupboard &/or vertical mounting and 4 x U Lamp suction cap clips each with a nylon nut & bolt for attaching to a propagator roof (lid).
Ideal for germinating seeds, rooting cuttings and transplanting, excellent lighting system for all plants. The PS1 fits all propagator roofs and can be surface mounted. Cuttings and seedlings have under-developed root systems, thus energy from light by photosynthesis is critical, nurturelite Purple light maximises root growth, increases internodal growth and can be used to replace or supplement natural sunlight for all plants. Up to 80% Energy savings can be made with this lighting system, which is very portable and ideal for indoor gardens.


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