Clone Propagator Kit #1

This propagator kit comes complete with premium quality Clone Tent, heat mat and lighting as well as a complete seed kit with cultilene cubes.
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  • In this kit you'll get an easy to assemble Clone Tent (75x50x60cm) 
  • Heat Mat (550x280mm)
  • Fluoro CFL 75W 6500K Cultivat8
  • Reflector Max Fluoro CFL
  • GT Conex 50mL
  • Disposable Scalpel
  • Seed kit clear lid, seed kit base and seed kit drain tray and Cultilene Cubes

Fluoro CFL 75W 6500K Cultiv8 Globe The Cultiv8 high output compact fluorescent lamp is great for use in small environments and propagation situations.

The screw in lamp base (E40) is the same as used for many HID lamps. This makes finding a suitable reflector and lead easier. But remember - this lamp doesn't need a ballast and is plugged directly into a 240 volt wall socket, so the lead needs to have a flat earth pin.  

We recommend using the Max-Lite CFL Reflector, which has been specially designed (with a flat earth pin plug) for these lamps. You can simply screw the lamp into the reflector and plug into a 240 volt power socket. No extra leads, ballasts, or adapters required. 

Reflector Max Fluoro Light Shade. Very light weight reflector specially designed for propagation, seedlings and clones.

Sea Hawk Heat Mat warms the rooting area and vastly improves germination sucess rate.

  • Double insulated
  • C-tick certified
  • Heat dispersion plugs included

GT Clonex Purple 50mL

Growth Technology Clonex is a high performance plant-rooting compound comprising hormones, vitamins, nutrients and fungicides. It produces superior, consistent results and is the trusted propagating product for commercial and hobby growers.

Seed and Clone Kit Complete Comes complete with Cultilene rockwool growing cubes, base tray, drain tray and ventilated clear lid. Size: 35cmx30cm x 20cm high