Can Fan RS250 & Can Filter 750mm Combo

With German quality components this fan and filter combo is perfect for small grow rooms.
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Can-Fan RS250

Can-Fan centrifugal fan range is manufactured using quality German components. The fans feature solid metal powder coat housing and a reverse curve blade design offering low noise and high output.

Centrifugal fans should be used in any application that requires air to be pulled or pushed through lengths of ducting greater than five metres, multiple air cooled lights, or with carbon filters.The centrifugal motion spirals the air for maximum flow rates in high pressure situations.The flow rates stated below are certified under professional testing conditions. Some manufacturers do not test their fans to industry standards, some exaggerate the rates, while others just guess the flow rates.

Can-Filter 750mm

Can-Filters are the industry leader in carbon filters for hydroponics, and has been providing the highest quality filters and fans for more than 20 years. Can Filters use only the best virgin activated pellitised carbon.The Can-Filter range has many advantages:
Palletised Carbon for dust free even airflow throughout the entire filter, decreasing the amount of pressure on your fan for maximum air flow.
Can-Filters contain more carbon than any other filter on the market with large carbon beds (wall of the filter containing the carbon)
Can Filters have available interchangeable flanges.


  • Filter Height: 75cm
  • Outside Diametre: 400mm
  • Carbon Weight: 28kg
  • Carbon Thickness: 65mm
  • Carbon Type: Palletised
  • Prefilter: Yes
  • Min-Max Flow Rate: 1100-1200m3/hr
  • Min-Max Flow Rate: 305-333 l/sec
  • Filter Weight: 36kg
  • Includes 250mm flange

Can Fan / Can Filter Sizing Examples

Example 1.

  • Add up total wattage. E.g. 2 x 600W = 1200W
  • Divide by 2 Equals = 600m3/Hr
  • Add 20% for Pressure loss and Fan Output loss = 120m3/Hr
  • 600m3/Hr + 120m3/Hr = 720m3/Hr
  • Recommend: Can Filter 300mm (Upsize where possible)
  • Max Recirculating (Scrubbing) CFM: 700 m³h

Example 2.

  • Add up total wattage. E.g. 4 x 600W = 2400W
  • Divide by 2 Equals = 1200m3/Hr
  • Add 20% for Pressure loss and Fan Output loss = 240m3/Hr
  • 1200m3/Hr + 240m3/Hr = 1440m3/Hr
  • Recommend: Can Filter 750mm (Upsize where possible)
  • Max Recirculating (Scrubbing) 2000 m³h @ 0.1 sec contact time