HPS BLV 600W 400V DE Lamp

BLV horturion for professional horticulture lighting.
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$ 200.00

The BLV 600w DE HPS is our double-ended, 400v (EL) horticultural specialist lamp. Designed for high frequency ballasts (e.g HiPAR 600w 400v), these lamps output more usable light than traditional 240v HPS bulbs which gives you bigger fruit or flowers!

This powerful DE bulb is designed for heavy-fruiting or flowering crops with high-light intensity requirements. 

The Horturion is engineered to adapt to the needs of horticultural requirements.

BLV horturion lamps offer:

  • Ideal for crops in greenhouses or rooms with higher ceilings
  • PPFD: 1150 umol/s/m2 
  • THD <10% (in HIPAR Dynamic Kit)
  • CRI: 37%
  • Kelvin 2000k
  • Lamp life >90% @ 10000 hrs
  • For operation on electronic control gear
  • Long service lifetime
  • Stable lamp voltage
  • Excellent PAR maintenance

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