Bio Diesel Marine CaMg+ 1L

Amazing new growth enhancer, derived from sea ingredients including crustacean chitin for high levels of natural calcium.
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An amazing new growth enhancer designed especially for Medical Cannabis.
naturally derived sea ingredients including Crustacean Chitin for high levels of natural Calcium!
Marine CAMG+ also provides fast acting Nitrogen and 100% natural growth regulatorsfor fast, lush growth and much larger, heavy yielding branches.

  • Bigger, Healthier plants in bloom
  • Enhanced plant cell division
  • Increased tolerance to stress and insects
  • Contains natural growth regulators for faster growth rates
  • Crustacean derived fast acting natural calcium
  • Increased plant size and yield
  • Quickly corrects nutrient deficiencies of Ca, Mg,or N

Heavy Oil Yields Without Chemicals


I used Marine CaMg+ on my young plants and they went dark green and curled? What caused this and can I fix them?


Marine CaMg+ contains high levels of Calcium , Magnesium and Nitrogen as well as active cell dividers from sea kelp. It is very concentrated and should be used once plants begin aggressive growth after they have been transplanted and established in the main pot or growing medium. Marine CaMg+ is best suited to coco and hydroponic growers where the need for extra CaMg is required. Plants that have longer vegetative stages like 8 weeks will see the most benefit due to larger lateral branching and faster growth development in late vegetative growth.

If you are correcting a "overdose" of these minerals in young plants, Flush the growth media with fresh water or Crystal Clear and resume Aloevate and water for next few waterings before returning to a mild nutrient solution suited to the plant stage ie. 0.8-1 EC / 400-500PPM. When plants are healthy they can be returned to a full strength base nutrient. Use Aloevate through all stages to relieve stress and make more minerals plant available to avoid future lockouts.



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