Biobizz Bio Grow 1L
What is Bio Grow? The natural sugars and potassium in Bio•Grow® activate the bacterial flora in the substrate to guarantee you an ample harvest of deliciously sweet fruit.
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Organic fertiliser

You can apply this liquid growth fertiliser to most types of soil and substrate mixtures. It has 100% Dutch organic sugar beet extract at its base – commonly known as vinasse. This by-product of turning sugar beets or sugar cane into sugar is created by a natural fermentation process. Starches in the sugar are then treated with enzymes to produce glucose that, along with other plant nutrients, help produce a rich food source for soil microbes, boosting their populations for a more productive soil.

WATERING - Regular watering  DOSE - 1-4ml per litre of water  SETTING - Indoor - Outdoor  PHASE - Growing - Blooming  FUNCTION - Nutrition

How to use it?

Bio•Grow® is a complete fertiliser that can be used throughout the grow period. Start as soon as the first leaves appear to when the plant is 10-15cm tall. Then keep using Bio•Grow® until the end of the fruit production.

ABOUT BIOBIZZ From planting seed to picking the first produce, Biobizz® is leader when it comes to eco-friendly crop cultivation. Potting soil, liquid fertilizers, substrate enhancers – we produce a huge range of 100% biological products for all kinds of plants. Biobizz has helped people grow successfully and organically, with no earth-hating chemicals in sight. GREEN THINKING Our philosophy is pure and simple: to be ecologically aware and make the organic cultivation of crops accessible for everyone, without leaving behind any negative impact on the environment. EARTH MISSION Before our top quality organic fertilizers are sold, you can be sure the highest level of research and development has gone into them. It’s why we can claim that every Biobizz®-product consistently contains the correct amount of organic ingredients. And why we guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind. Because with us taking care of your crops, you know that you’re helping protect the earth from harm. Although Biobizz Worldwide was founded in the Netherlands, today our main facilities are in Spain. We also have sites in France, England, North America and another one in Spain. Being able to deliver to partners all over world means everyone has the opportunity to grow well with Biobizz®.

A real organic treat for your plants. 100% organic since 1992 ...and fully certified!


Download PDF here for Nutrients and Grow Chart

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To find out more about Bio•Bizz and their product CLICK here.

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